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Having been involved in real estate for many years, our team at Optimus recognizes that in today’s business environment, entrepreneurial developers, investors, and operating businesses need speed of execution, certainty of closing and flexibility. Optimus has built a reliable finance platform to help fill this need. The Company offers financing solutions in California on commercial, industrial, office, multi-family, entitled land and SFRs (non-owner occupied).

Loan Type Acquisition, Refinance, Discounted Pay Off, Bankruptcy Workout, Partnership Buyout
Loan Size $250,000 – $5 Million
Interest Rate Starting at 8%
Origination Fees Starting at 1%
Closing Within 2-3 Weeks
Property Type Commercial, Industrial, Office, Multi-family, Entitled land and SFRs (non-owner occupied).
Location California
Loan to Value Up to 70% LTV
Amortization Interest Only
Yield Maintenance Flexible
Loan Term 30 days to 36 months, with extension options
Lien Position First Deed of Trust; Second Deed of Trust
Personal Guaranty Non-Recourse Available